Our 30 Step Recruitment Process

Do  your outsourced recruitment providers adopt the 30 step process? We doubt it, but Clarity does! If they don’t, anything else is cutting corners in finding you the right candidate for your business.

The 30 Steps to Recruitment

  1. Take a complete job order - This is where we discuss what actually needs doing, what the job will involve, where and when and who defines the job that needs doing. This can take up to an hour as we look to gather every element of the job, including taking the time to meet the team.
  2. Make a recruitment plan - A carefully structured recruitment plan helps us to map out the strategy for attracting and hiring the best-qualified candidate. This will include a brief of the job order together with timescales, salary expectations and any other relevant information presented by the client.
  3. File Search.
  4. Name Gathering - Often we immediately think of people who would be suitable for the position, but will ensure we work through our entire candidate database to ensure no potential pairing is missed.
  5. Candidate Contact.
  6. Candidate Profile.
  7. Presentation of Candidates to employer - It’s really important we show why we have selected individual candidates and why we believe they suit the position. This is often not just about ticking the boxes but will also include matching personalities to the team.
  8. Set up first interview.
  9. First interview, prep candidate.
  10. Prep employer for first interview - Whilst we know the employer will have their own agenda for the interview, it never harms to go over what will be discussed so we can continue on our learning curve of achieving individual client expectations.
  11. Debrief candidate.
  12. Debrief employer.
  13. Set-up second interview.
  14. Reference check - Obviously, we have already carried out candidate reference checks, however, as per our thorough approach, we will not hesitate to recheck with the specific job specification in mind.
  15. Second Interview, prep candidate.
  16. Second Interview, prep employer.
  17. Confirm second interview with employer and candidate.
  18. Debrief candidate.
  19. Debrief employer.
  20. Closing / Negotiation - This is the chance for any final questions to be asked by client and candidate before the offer is formalised.
  21. Offer / Acceptance / Start Date.
  22. Resignation prep - Organising resignation can be a difficult process and we are here to support the candidate and offer advice on how to ensure it is seamless for everyone involved.
  23. Resignation debrief.
  24. Celebrate - It may sound like a pointless step – but actually it has taken 23 stages to reach and it is important especially for the candidate to take a moment to celebrate their success!
  25. Billing preparation.
  26. Fill our placement / billing form.
  27. Stay in touch with candidate - We want to know that the candidate is starting the new position on the very best terms, so if there are any doubts, concerns or general nerves, we are here to offer necessary support.
  28. Confirmation that candidate has started - Not only do we want to know that the candidate has started but also that they have the necessary enthusiasm, passion and excitement for the job as they will have displayed in the interview process.
  29. Stay in touch with candidate and employer - We want to make sure that candidate and employer remain happy with each other and settle together well. Only when we know and feel comfortable this has happened will we settle. But even then, both candidate and client know they can call us at any time.
  30. Invoice client for services provided.

Call us today with your vacancy and we can tell you more about how we will approach you differently.


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